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Choose Your Own Adventure books offer readers an opportunity to take an active role in the story. How would you like to write your own Choose Your Own Adventure? This page shows you how to create a Choose Your Own Adventure story that runs on a computer.

One of the first popular computer games, Advent (short for "Adventure"), was housed on mainframes, mostly because in those days, personal computers were rare and difficult to obtain. This was a text-based adventure game, much like the Choose Your Own Adventure stories. To play, you typed your responses into a terminal that was hooked to the mainframe. You might have to actually put a telephone handset into a modem and get onto the thing which became the internet if the mainframe was at another university. If you would like to try Advent, go here. Just watch out for that twisty-turny maze. It's a bear to get out of:

Here is a simple Choose Your Own Adventure that I made:

Also, here is how to make your own Choose Your Own Adventure story: