Choral Reading

Learning Materials

Choral reading requires a group of students to orally interpret and recite from memory a piece of literature. The performance is planned and executed in the same organized fashion as the performance of choral music. There are two aspects of choral reading, in the classroom setting focusing on reading fluency, and in the performance setting as an art in itself, however on this page we are focusing on the performance aspect.

Here are some helpful links to more information on choral reading:

The following is a sample application in a choral classroom:

Start by choosing a theme and finding appropriate poetry and literature to follow the theme. Using the recommendations from websites listed above you could create a performance. Another idea would be to put narrations in between songs on a program as a way of connecting literature and music. Choral reading and choral singing have many things in common and it is another way to reinforce what students are already learning in the choral music classroom while also exposing them to literature.

Here are two examples of videos of choral reading:

Discussion Post

Find some kind of text that might be fun to do this with--a poem or brief story. Make a few annotations to the text that might help you get started with developing this kind of performance.