What kind of initial communication would you do with parents (individually or in a group) to begin your relationship with them on a positive note? Remember not all parents can read (whether learning disabilities or being non-native English speakers) so take that into account as you consider this. Why?

This is just a rough outline. More to come!

In order to establish a working parent-teacher relationship, communication and trust are key. The following are various ways to communicate effectively in and out of the classroom.

Communicating Positive Reinforcement
  • communication log
  • phone calls
  • e-mails
Communicating Classroom Activities
  • welcoming letter
  • newsletter
    • developed by children in the class
  • handouts
Communicating Problematic Behavior
  • How do you sensitively approach problematic behaviors with parents?
  • How do you deal with parents who are not receptive to potential problematic learning/behavioral/emotional characteristics their child may display?