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Oral Language

This file is written by Tobie Sanders


Oral Language for English Language Learners

Sociocultural Factors

Teaching Music in an Oral Language Tradition

This is the powerpoint for a talk I gave to the Ohio Collegiate Music Educators Association.

Cognitive Science and Language

What is language, anyway? Here is a book about that. It includes a lot of information, including a review of phonics. Glance at the book just to see what is available--you might want to revisit at some point in the future.

Gesture and Language Development

Reading for Ed 314/316 (optional for Ed 371)

Your Post

Ed 371
How does the information on oral language development relate to your experiences in learning to be a musician? What parallels do you see?

What aspects of oral language acquisition could be used in the process of teaching music?

Ed 314/316
The article on Gesture and Language Development discusses the fact that gestures often precede language development in very young children. What non-linguistic means do school-age children use to express themselves? In your opinion, how might teachers support language development using non-linguistic means?