Many times we have had students write letters and people have come up with professional letters that introduced themselves as far as their desire to teach significant aspects of their lives. We always ask ourselves: what else?? what else?? What could these letters become. We know you are capable of writing the standard introductory letter but we wondered if having you state your expectations and concerns would give your cooperating teachers a deeper understanding of who you are. Hence, the assignment to write letters to the two of us (so you have an audience in mind).

We want to present concerns, desires, etc. in these letters, anonymously, of course. So, the first thing we did was to create a tag cloud from a group of your letters. Here is the url for our word cloud. It's interesting.

It's neat to see the words that appear over and over across the letters represented--it's poetic. It also may (or may not) inspire you to add to your letters. It's okay if it doesn't--not every tool works for every person.

Another tool will be a list of the various things people mention in the letters so you have a huge menu of possibilities for adding to, focusing, etc. your letter. You may end up with a letter that explains your desire to teach and significant aspects of your life, which is fine. You also may end up with a letter that helps the teacher plan experiences with and for you.