Intrinsic vs. Extrinsic Motivation

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Motivation is a tricky thing because it is based on a feeling. If I like music, then I am likely to play/practice music. If I don't like music, for whatever reason, then nothing a teacher or parent can do will get me to practice on my own. Others might force me (extrinsic motivation), but as soon as the force goes away, I will quit. We cannot control a child's feelings about anything. However, we can make liking something really difficult by attaching a lot of unnecessary stuff to it or we can make liking something fairly easy by giving kids choices about it, connecting it to their interests, and doing enough different things that the activity is not boring. Here are a couple of ways of making reading and writing something that kids are more likely to enjoy.

The Perils of Praise

Discussion Post

What are some ways you can support intrinsic motivation when it comes to practicing music? What about intrinsic motivation for learning about music (e.g., history, theory, etc.)? (Ed 371 students)

What are some ways you can increase your own motivation for writing? How can you help students get excited about writing? Be sure to document in your portfolio. (Ed 314/316 students)