Here are some tools and resources for musicians and music teachers.

Software and Web Apps

The creators of Lilypond took a music engraving approach to creating notation software. As a result, the music printed in Lilypond has an aesthetic quality to it. For multiple examples, go to Mutopia and download any random sheet music. Lilypond is open source software which means that you do not have to pay for it. You can give a donation. This software has three huge pdf files of documentation.

The downside to Lilypond is that it is text-based--writing music in it is a lot like writing in html, if you have ever done that. Fortunately, there is open source software you can get that allows you to use much of the Lilypond features in a graphical user interface.

Muse Score
Open source music notation software. This software makes Lilypond easy to use. It runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Aria Maestosa
This open source software allows you to create midi files.

I just found this and haven't tried it. But it's a web app which means that if it is useful, kids can use it at home without having to install software.



Monkey Machine
Drum loops. This is a good step towards composing.

Creating Music
For younger children

P22 Music Text Composer
Put a text in and get a piece of music.

Learning Tools



Practice Sightreading

Music Theory


Music Manuscript Paper

Printable Paper
The Printable Paper website has a huge array of staff paper, paper for chords, etc. as well as graph paper and everything else you could ever want to print out and use. If you get on their mailing list, you'll get regular updates on the many resources available on this excellent site (and the many sister sites).

Sheet Music

This has public domain music. You can download each file in several formats, including pdf and midi but also Lilypond which allows you to change the music (e.g., you could transpose). The music is easy to read because it is in Lilypond (open source music engraving software)

Petrucci Music Library
These are scans of music in the public domain. Some of the music is difficult to read.

Their archive of piano sheet music.

Piano Public Domain

Violin Site

Popular Songs in American History

This has the words and music to hymns in the public domain in pdf and midi formats. You can also download in Noteworthy, which is free software.

Guitar Music

Websites with Multiple Resources

Project Gutenberg
The music bookshelf includes collections of music (cowboy songs), biographies, music theory books, etc. These are all public domain resources.

Music Websites

Music Tutorials
Has multiple resources