Spring semester 2010: see Domestic Violence Shelter Project for more pictures of the classroom in use. We definitely have the "lived in" look.

Scroll down for pics from the first day of class, August 31, 2009!

September 14: see "Claymation " for the latest pictures of things we are doing in the new classroom.

Even more pics from August 14 available below!

We originally wrote a grant to get equipment for a classroom to be set up like an elementary school classroom. But with help from Capital University, the project has morphed into something really amazing.

Here are some pictures of what the place looked like before:


Okay, here it is as of July 27, 2009:

You know it's our room because it has a SCAFFOLD in it!!!


No, it's not modern art. It's blobs of construction cement where the chalkboard used to be.

The front of the room. No more stage.


The blueprints.

The paneling has been removed from the column just inside the door, revealing the fact that it was used for someone to sketch out a diagram. The bottom diagram looks like a plan for wiring.


Back in the cave, the ramp has been removed. We have a lot of room back there now for storage!

August 14, 2009

The doors between the big classroom and the two small ones have been created. This is looking into one of the small classrooms through the door into the big classroom.

Drywall is up and the door in this picture is now down on the ground. It used to be up a lot higher due to the risers in the back of the room.

This picture was taken standing in the big classroom and looking through a new door into one of the smaller classrooms. With these doors, the whole space seems much larger than when I first imagined it.

Looking towards the front of the large room. Where the chalkboards were, drywall has been replaced. It looks like there are boxes of tiles (ceiling?) lying around.

First Day of School: We Have Class in the New Room!!!
This is where the stage used to be. The original chalkboard is still there but now we have some nice shelves (there is even chalk on the shelves!!).
Looking from the front of the room to the glass doors of the smaller rooms. We have already been having small groups working in those smaller rooms as a larger group has been working in the big room.

Full-spectrum lighting makes the place bright.