Teachers need information so they can make quick decisions when students' safety is threatened. School emergencies include fires, severe weather, health emergencies, national emergencies, and building intruders. The first priority in teaching is to keep children safe at all times and in all settings.

Capital University teacher candidates should first find out all the safety policies in place at any field placement school and be prepared to follow these policies and procedures. Preparation includes participation in any drills that take place, but also mental practice and discussion of the procedures with the cooperating teacher. This way you will be prepared to help the children.

School policies may include the following facets:
  • The importance of knowing where each child is
  • Procedures for notification of authorities, parents, etc.
  • Lines of communication (e.g., who needs to know and who is authorized to contact whom)
  • Specific procedures for specific issues--evacuation procedures, lockdown procedures, bad weather procedures, etc.
  • Any code words that might be used over the PA

Put emergency information on your cell phone. This can include documents of policies and procedures if those are available and a class roster, and you have a smart phone. But it should also include the office number and any other important number so you can call quickly both to provide information and to receive it.