Social stories are written by teachers, parents, and therapists to help children understand the situations they are often in. For example, for a child who is afraid of thunder, a social story can be written to help the child understand that thunder will end, that it is a part of rainfall, and the measures the child can take to seek comfort.

While social stories can be written as text, cartooning is an even better medium because characters' private thoughts, feelings, and intentions can be representing, helping children to understand that other people might think differently or other people might have good intentions.

This pdf explains how to write social stories:

For those who are unsure of their drawing skills, there are web apps that allow you to draw cartoons with stock characters.

Here is an example of a comic I created that might help a child get in the car to go to the doctor's office:

social story comic doctor.png
Here is the tool I used:

Scroll down to the bottom and hit "CREATE COMIX"