The Self-Organized Learning Environment (SOLE) is a concept developed by Sugata Mitra, who created the "Hole in the Wall" experiment in India. The idea is to support children learning independently.

Here is an explanation of how Mitra developed the concept of the SOLE.

Here is a short video of Mitra:

Mitra is in the process of developing this concept world wide. Here is the website for that:

SOLE Toolkit

Here are some big questions that we in education could consider:

1. What is "Big Data" and what are its implications for teachers?
2. What is a "flipped classroom" and how do you do that?
3. What is "Open Source Software" and how would you use it in a classroom?
4. How is our classroom like a SOLE? What are some good questions for a SOLE?
5. Why do Teacher Education programs require students to write a philosophy of education and what are the characteristics of a good one?
6. Why might it be important for teachers to know about the history of education?
7. What alternatives to standardized testing could there be?
8. What causes teacher burnout and how can it be prevented?
9. What are new education terms and what do they mean? Why might they be important?
10. What is common between "student-centered learning" as a term in Education and SOLE? What differences are there?
11. What are the differences between traditional methods of "grouping" in classrooms and the collaborative groups used in SOLEs? What are the similarities?