Learning Materials

Ohio, like many other states, is adopting Common Core Standards in English Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies. Here is a copy of the Common core Standards in english Language Arts for grades k - 5.

Sometimes teachers find it helpful to translate Content or Common Core Standards to "I can statements" that children and parents can clearly understand.

Here's an example of district wide second grade english Langague Arts Contents I Can statements, that are used in Pickeringto School District.

Here is what the Ohio Department of Education says about the Literacy-related standards--it is a good overview:
Here is a summary of the focus of the Common Core Standards:

The Common Core Standards require a different kind of thinking from students, as this article points out:

Learning Activities

1. Become familiar with the Common Core standards. Read through the standards themselves and use the other documents to help you get an overview of them as well as to understand their focus.

2. As you do your field placement work, use the Common Core standards in creating lessons. Try to implement not just the standards but the ways of thinking that the standards support.

3. On your page of the portfolio wiki, indicate what you have done and include any lessons you have designed that incorporate the Common Core standards.