Open your self to all the creative possibilities. Arts can change the way you perceive the world around you. Always be open to new ideas. Try something you never would have an try as often as you can.

Don't be afraid to take risks.

Discover your passion and go with it. learn new things and jump into things that you're interested in. life is short, live life passionately, put passion into the things create. simply create.

BE CREATIVE! always use your imagination :)

Make a list of creative ideas you'd like to try while in this class and try to get through as many as you can! The possibilities are endless..

This is the time to try everything you've ever wanted to try. There are no limits.

Don't hold back, Express yourself!!

Don't be afraid to try something new!

Don't get discouraged if your project turns into something "ish."

Don't ever be afraid to try new things, always explore new ideas and objectives.

Always try to make something you've never created before, even if it turns out bad - it will turn into "ish"

Don't be afraid to pull ideas from other people and work with others to create something of your own.

Take the time to enjoy each and every moment of this class. Make sure that you allow yourself to be creative and know that there is no right or wrong to what every you do. When you take class you will reach new levels of creativity. You will also look at how to make learning fun in your own classroom.

Don't just create what you see, create what you feel.