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Music teachers need ways of creating the kind of lesson play that today's models of accountability seem to require. On this page are two different ways of creating standards-based lesson plans along with being able to keep track of which standards are being addressed.

Google Docs Method

Here is the link to view the results

How to do this:

1. Get a free account on Google Docs
2. Make a new document, a form
3. On your form, add "questions." There are several formats you can use, as evidenced above.
4. Now, embed your form in your own personal, private wiki. Under "More Actions" in the form, select embed. Copy the code there. Then on your wiki page, hit edit. Select Widget from the editing bar. On the menu that pops up, select "Other HTML" which is on the lower left hand side. Paste your code there.
5. Hit save.
6. You can now use your form.
7. On the resulting spreadsheet, you can sort by each column so you can see which standards you have worked with the most by sorting that column.

Libre Office Method

This method works for any office suite that has a database.

Libre Office is an open source office suite, much like Microsoft Office but without the hefty price tag. It can be used on all the major operating systems--Windows, Mac, and many flavors of Linux.

Download Libre Office here:

Chapter 15 of the following guide tells you how to create a form and also how to use a form to enter data in a database.

You can get an equivalent guide for the database on the Libre Office website, but you may not need that.

This method allows you to use all the formatting features of a word processor.

Discussion Post

What else could you use this for? Music practice? Teaching private lessons? Student teaching? Other aspects of life? Come up with an idea. You can get extra credit if you actually design a working form for your idea.