Rubrics for reading and writing
Self Evaluation forms
Tools for Managing Reading/Writing Workshop Classrooms
Tools for Students to Use

Activity: take one or two of these resources and use them as part of a literacy-related lesson for a minilesson, whole group or small group.

Here is an amazing array of resources for using Reading and Writing Workshop. These include forms and rubrics you can use and tools for students.

Interview with Nancie Atwell


Web Resources for How To Write Rubrics

Writer's Notebook Rubric

Rubric for Summarizing (Comprehension)

Student Friendly Writing Rubric

Sequencing Rubric

Retelling (Comprehension) Rubric for Informational Texts

Retelling (Comprehension) Rubric for Expository Text

Retelling (Comprehension) Fiction Text

Another writing rubric

Rubric for making inferences

Independent Writing rubric--students' behavior during independent writing

Independent Reading rubric--students' behavior during independent reading

Rubric for expository and narrative writing

General writing rubric
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Self Evaluation

Self Evaluation of Writing for the Feature Article Unit

Persuasive Writing Checklist (self assessment)

Self Assessment of Oral Presentation

Survey of literature study (self assessment)
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=Management of Workshop Classroom
Writing Conference Form

Sample of a Reading Conference Chart Filled Out

Reminder of Vocabulary Strategies

Student-led Conference Checklist

Peer Conferencing Form

Sequence for getting students involved in reading workshop and peer interactions

Eighty-six ways to say "that's good."
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Student Tools

Personal Word List

Reading Roadmap

Bookmarks with Reminders of Questions

Making Connections bookmark

Making Connections examples
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Reading Assessment Flow Chart--assessing at beginning of year

Assessment of Reading Henry Huggins (Assesses comprehension as well as running record)
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