Internet Public Library
Project Gutenberg (free books)
Infomine (scholarly web search engine)
Free Educational Resources from US Government
Virtual Library
Gallery of Teaching and Learning from Carnegie Foundation
Free Reading Intervention Resources
U.S. Government Archives
Open Source (free to use) books
Wikipedia, a great on the fly reference
Online resources for children's literature
Google Scholar (scholarly search engine)
Columbus Public Library
Ohio Resource Center
Generator Blog
Online magnetic poetry and story kit
Printable Paper

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Here are some resources you can use for looking up information you need:
The internet public library has a lot of links to good quality information
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Project Gutenberg,, has many, many free books (mostly out of print).
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Search for scholarly information
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Free resources from the U.S. government.
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Virtual library (another internet library)
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The gallery of teaching and learning from the Carnegie Foundation.
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Free reading intervention resources. High quality.
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U.S. Government archives.
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Open Source books, free to use. You can get books in a wide range of languages which might be good when you are working with kids for whom English is not their first language.
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You might not be allowed to use it for research papers, but it is a good starting place to get an idea about what is important in relation to a concept or person. Many articles have references and links you can use.
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Here is a collection of resources for literature:
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Need academic articles but don't have access to university data bases? One way to get at least some academic articles is to go to From there, at the top menu, his "More." You will find "Scholar" which takes you to When you use this service you will find a lot of articles in pdf form which means you can download them and keep them in your reference library.
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Columbus Public Library
The Columbus Public Library is one of the finest public libraries in the U.S. Not only does it have a great collection of books and wonderfully helpful staff, but it also has some terrific online services that you can access just by getting a library card.

Are you looking for quality picture books to use with your students? The Columbus Metropolitan Library has a really neat tool to help you find just what you need to make your lesson plans a success. To access the "Picture Book Index"...

Visit their website at
Click on "REFERENCE" at the top of the page
Scroll down to the "Ready to Read" tab, under MORE RESOURCES
Click on "Picture Book Index"
Browse for books by entering the topic in the space provided or by clicking on the individual letters
Use your library card number to reserve book and pick it up at any location you wish.
Ohio Resource Center for the teaching of math, science, and reading. Has really good ideas for teaching that meets Ohio standards as well as opportunities for teachers to participate in statewide initiatives.
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This is not for kids itself but it can lead to websites you can use with kids. These are zany and they may be the exact thing you need to make a lesson truly engaging.
This is an online version of the magnetic poetry and story kits. When students use this kit to compose text, they don't have to worry about spelling or handwriting. This means that this website can be used as a scaffold for reluctant or struggling writers. All they do is select words. The given words also inspire creativity. Great for interactive whiteboard, also.
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